Facts About me while at school!

Fairchild Wheeler is a Inter-District High School that takes students from grade nine to grade twelves from these following districts:

  1. Bridgeport
  2. Stratford
  3. Fairfield
  4. Milford
  5. Monroe
  6. Shelton
  7. Trumbull
  8. My school is the Information Technology and Software Engineering part of the campus. Our principal is Dr. Victor Black and our assitant principals are both Mr. Henry and Mrs. Furnari.
    The other one is Biotechnology Research and Zoolgical Sciences. Their principal there is Dr. Michael Watson. Their secretary is Ms. Elizabeth Bray and they have the same assiant principals as the ones in I.T.

    The last school is Aerospace/ Hydrospace Engineering and Physical Sciences. Their principal there is Dr. Jay Lipp. Their secretary is Ms. Lisa Salgado. They also have the same assitant principals as I.T and Zoo does.

    I orginally applied as a Bridegport student but I am not a Stratford student. I have been at this school since I was a freshman and I will be graduating in June 2017. My classes have varied from all different types of classes since my freshman year. Down below are all the class I have ever taken in Fairchild.

    Freshman year classes
    Semester One Semester Two
    Spanish I Intro to Java
    World Cultures English 9
    Biology Conceptual Physics
    Algebra I Geometry
    Sophomore year classes
    Semester One Semester Two
    English 10 Pre AP History
    Algebra II Pre Calc
    Digital Design Discovering Java
    Chemistry Spanish II
    Junior year classes
    Semester One Semester Two
    Spanish III Intro to Multimedia
    Gym Probability and Statistics
    English 11 Physics
    Honors Apps Development US History
    Senior year classes
    Semester One Semester Two
    Human Phys Advance Multimedia
    Web Design Studio Arts I
    English 12 Capstone 2
    Capstone 1 Health

    My favorite classes out of all of theses had to be Sophomore Year Digital Design and Junior Year Intro to Multimedia. Theses classes were taught by Ms. Helck and the other was taught by Mr. Dao.


    one fun thing that we always do at Fairchild is Spirit Week. We have this at least twice a year, once every semester. Some off the days are: Jeresey day
    Twin Day
    Buisness Day

    So those are some of the fun things at Fairchild that we do. Another thing we always do is our sports tournament. Inside these tournaments would be:

    Even though our schools focus a lot on education we do have a lot of fun. Freshman year we had out very first dance the "Spring Fling". Sophomore year we had a "Winter Formal" and last year for junior year we were meant to have a dance but it was cancled due to weather.

    Daily Routine For Me At Fairchild

    7:20-- Arrive At Fairchild
    7:20-7:45-- Eat Breakfast, Do homework, Study for test or just hand out
    7:45-7:55--Walk to First Period
    7:55-9:15--First Period (Human Phys)
    9:15-9:20--Walk to second period
    9:20-10:40--Second Period(Web Design)
    10:40-10:45--Walk to third period
    10:45-12:45--Third Period
    11:20-11:45--Lunch (Wave B)
    12:45-12:50--Walk to Fourth period
    12:50-2:10--Fourth Period (capstone)
    2:10--Go home

    That's all you need to learn about me at school.