On this page you will find videos that show things about science. The first video is of our school on our famous fire fridays!

  • The video about is from our school last year in Chemistry class with one of our old teachers that left. We use to call it fire friday because it started when I was a Sophomore myself. In this video I can't really tell what she's burning but we can hear her say that she uses acholo for the burning so that it doesn't get out of hand. you can see the thing breaking apart and burning. I remember clearly when she started doing that she would burn money at first.

  • In this video we see some science stunys. The first is exploding metal which is the guy mixing soidum metal with water and making it snap and start a fire. The second one is Nitrogen Powered bottle rocket which is liquid nitrogen mixed with half a plastic bottle of lukewarm water and can shoot a hundred feet in the air. The third one is called a Blast-O-Lantern which is basically calcium carbide mixed with a carved pumpkin and you have to put all the carve pieces back on before putting the lid on and it explodes.

  • Everything in this video is just a science fair project that people can eat. the first one is puring three different liquids in a cup (Baileys, Kahlua and Grand Marnier) to show the different density it has. The second one is how to make homemade butter using only heavy whip cream and a plastic jar. The third one is how to make fizzy lemonade using lemons, lemon squeezer, baking soda, sugar and water. The last one is my favorite which is how to make ice cream from a bag using ice, salt, half and half, vanilla extract, sugar and plastic bag. I did this back when I was in like the sixth grade and it is really easy.